Q4 2022

Phase 1 – Concept

  • Concept and planning: Define the project’s vision, mission, and goals. Decide on the type of NFTs to be minted, their supply, and rarity. Determine the staking mechanism and reward structure.
  • Website development: Build a website with a clean and user-friendly interface that explains the project’s concept, tokenomics, and staking details.
  • Smart contract development: Create the smart contract for minting the NFTs and staking the tokens.

Phase 2 – Distribution

  • Minting and distribution: Launch the minting process and distribute the NFTs to the community. Set up a marketplace for buying and selling the NFTs.
  • Staking launch: Launch the staking mechanism and incentivize users to lock up their tokens to earn rewards.

Q1 2023

Q2 2023

Phase 3 – Community

  • Community engagement: Engage with the community through social media, AMA sessions, and events. Gather feedback and suggestions for improving the project.
  • Partnership and collaborations: Establish partnerships with other NFT projects, gaming platforms, or artists to expand the project’s reach and visibility.
  • Governance integration: Integrate a governance mechanism to let the community vote on proposals for the project’s development and growth.

Phase 4 – Growth

  • Expansion and scaling: Explore new use cases for the NFTs beyond collectibles, such as gaming or virtual real estate.
  • Token burn or buyback: Consider implementing a token burn or buyback mechanism to reduce the token supply and increase its value.

Q1 2024